Monday, February 7, 2011

The San Francisco Lovebirds: Great Listening Pays Off!

Here's an amazing, awe-inspiring story of our first California couple, which really makes me smile. This "awww" inducing two-part story is from Kristina, who I have become friends with through the Santa Monica neighborhood group in Jr. League. Anyway, Kristina and Alan are so adorable together and this, my dear readers, is how it all began:

How They Met:

Kristina, Ms. Matchmaker, was giving a speech at her friend's rehearsal dinner, as she had just set him up with his wife to be 10 months earlier! Now good karma comes around. :) Up to this point, Kristina had met pretty much all of Dave's guy friends under the sun, EXCEPT for Alan, a thoughtful Stanford University and Harvard University alum. Alan noticed the very accomplished Kristina speaking to the rapt crowd, and thought she was really cute. In fact, harboring a crush, he kept coming up to her at various points throughout the weekend. At the Viceroy hotel pool, Kristina was telling Alan about her volunteer activities and the things she enjoyed doing, and he kissed her for the first time, leaving her heart racing.

Their Epic First Date:

The following Friday after their first kiss, Alan asked Kristina out for the first time, sweeping her up in a whirlwind romance on a first date that lasted 9 whole hours! Alan remembered Kristina enjoyed the beach, so he took her to the San Francisco version of the beach, Crissy Field overlooking the Golden Gate bridge. Afterwards, they strolled over to Sausalito. He remembered that she liked art and loved Pinot Grigio, so Alan took her to art galleries and a little wine bar! Afterwards, Alan pulled out all the stops overlooking the water during sunset! Kristina thought they were going home, but Alan took her to Union Square to browse around the stores, because from the wedding, he remembered that she said she liked shopping. To top it all off, Alan remembered from listening to her intently that Kristina likes musicals, so he took her to see one! Three days later, Alan told Kristina he was ready for a commitment, which was great, because as she puts it, she "had already fallen in love!"

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