Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Relevance of You and Your Plus One!

I am a self-professed romantic that is an absolute sucker for the authentically sweet. I created this blog to share the true love between two: childhood sweethearts, time-honored couples, the long-time married, the newly engaged, newlyweds, and the recently smitten. I started it in part because I wanted to combat my own cynicsm and hesitancy to believe in the consistency and honest to goodness duration of actual couples' love, because all of those featured are real together and happy. As I refuse to be weathered by bad dates throughout the years or disappointment, this blog marks a celebration of when things meld together: when life is blissful when two souls join. Maybe enchantment will one day come into my life unexpectedly.

It is my goal to get 365 couples to participate, many of whom I know personally. I admire that these plus ones can maintain their own identities, yet still share their lives with that special someone. The stories and snapshots will be timeless - spanning across ages, distances, races, and socio-economic classes.

For my single readers out there (and I certainly hope to gain them), this blog is the literary version of a Jane Austen novel, but much shorter, savvier, and more modern (of course). It shows women that men still go out on limbs to impress women and yes, in fact, chivalry is not dead. It also is meant to show men that women are actively appreciative and completely embrace acts that are gentlemanly and/or thoughtful.

Each entry will feature: their first names, a meaningful picture (perhaps taken by me?), and a story of either how:
- the couple met,
- what their first date was like,
- what each of the couple loves about each other,
- their favorite moment from their wedding,
- and/or (if relevant) how he proposed (Although it's too bad that it's never been accepted in the mainstream for women to propose, although I'd love to feature a couple where the lady herself popped the question. Why not?).

Inspired by the project I participated in, which features solo individuals, http://www.365heartbeats.blogspot.com/, I wanted to come up with my own blog that features duos and pairs. Furthermore, another source of motivation was the Sunday wedding section of the New York Times, where fate unites individuals together in whimsical ways.

Please contact me, Tanya, at: islandgirl.TNL@gmail.com if you'd like to participate! I'm based in Boston, MA and would love to meet you and yours.

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