Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why As a Single Girl I am Qualified to Write About Couples

I am a romantic idealist and a pretty long-term single girl (2 years or so). However, I feel like I am qualified to write about couples because I have observed so many of my friends in enduring, stable, and steady plus one relationships. Feeling part wistful about not being in a highly functional couple, and feeling partly sad at my self-sufficient, yet solo existence, this project was to help me believe in finding love for my own self one day from a partner. I am an extremely observant, inquisitive 30 year old woman. My unofficial training was in journalism internships during undergrad, and my attendance at 22 weddings from age 5 and up have given me plenty of inspiration to draw upon.

I also started Plus One: The Love Project to keep encouraging other singles to keep believing that they too would one day find a loving partner (if they wanted one, of course). My provision of successful couples and their stories are supposed to be inspirational. We shouldn't idealize their relationships at all, since nothing in life is a "sure thing," but we certainly can gain a sense of hope from them and maintain glass as half full views about what we deserve.

If I look through a lens of an "outsider," I realize that I am only choosing the capture the uplifting and good. In this dismal economic climate, I believe that people need outlets of joy. And that is why Plus One: The Love Project was established. 

I wanted to post a picture of myself with a cute dog or something, but it seemed extremely insufficient: a cover up sham for my strong individualism. This post will remain without a picture because the purpose is to shift the attention to those who fit each other well and those that have found happiness together. Until then, or until I am coupled, enjoy the sassy postcard compliments of Postsecret someone sent in, which reflects my own mantra:


  1. Well done! I am looking forward to posting about Pablo and myself! It may not be for a few weeks though, I'm still adjusting to life with 2 kids!