Thursday, February 3, 2011

Enchantment: May I Have This Dance? :)

Cassie is my medical resident friend from my Tulane undergraduate days. Her and her newlywed husband, David, have a smittingly sweet proposal story. 

Cassie always spends Thanksgiving in Texas with her entire family at one big get together. Lunch begins promptly at 12pm, regardless of whoever may be late. This particular year, Cassie's mother was insistent that they wait until everyone was there... then her mom said, "you know, it's Thanksgiving and we never have someone give thanks. Her mother asked David [her then boyfriend] to give a Thanksgiving toast. So then David said he had a Thanksgiving Day poem to read, and began to read it.

Meanwhile, Cassie's cousin was joking that David was just reading the Thanksgiving poem being shuffled around on Facebook. While David was reading his poem, Cassie became distracted by some of her youngest cousins and aunt, all of whom were transfixed by making a dessert syrup on the stovetop.

When Cassie turned around from observing the cooking process, David was kneeling on one knee. As he held out the ring box, Cassie teared up and somehow nodded yes. And then, everyone present applauded and captured the moment through taking pictures and video!

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