Thursday, April 7, 2011

Destined to Be Together: A Future Mr. and Mrs.

Kellie and Ryan, a Pennsylvanian couple, are actually the first pair on this blog that I do not know directly. My old work colleague is the maid of honor in their upcoming wedding. Meeting over 11 years ago at Kutztown University, Ryan and Kellie dated as freshmen in college. However, their roads would diverge, allowing them to pursue their careers. Reuniting a decade later as young professionals, they fell in love. The two of them went to celebrate their one year anniversary as a couple over dinner, exchanging gifts at the rustic, charming Joseph Ambler Inn in Pennsylvania.

Kellie gave Ryan his gift first, which were Eagles football tickets. Up next, Ryan was on a mission to hand her something: no bigger than a shoebox, wrapped in a bow. He bypassed reading the card that Kellie had written him, because he felt so eager.

Kellie opened the odd shaped box, which contained a book, "All About Us," which was the same book that they have written in together for the past year, to journal their relationship from past to present. Confused, Kellie opened to the bookmarked last page, with one single question..."Your next goal in life:" next to it written..."Will You Marry Me?". Kellie looked down at the page in amazement as just beyond the book, was Ryan on one knee, ring in hand, asking the same question, "Kellie, will you marry me?"

Kellie then fell to her knees with Ryan, tears of excitement, saying, "Yes, Absolutely, Yes!" as their future together as an engaged couple was cemented.

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Speaking of photos, I've also fallen in love with this colorful, romantic one: 

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