Friday, April 15, 2011

The Adventuring Couple: From Age "18" to Now at "25"

I met Laura through my younger brother. Laura met her now husband Ryan at the University of Wisconsin-Madison during college registration weekend 7 years ago. She was moving from a tiny town, describing herself as "naive, and not knowing anyone on campus." On a dorm tour, Laura - concerned about the cable TV situation - asked the guide if the BBC channel was provided. Her question peaked Ryan's interest and allowed him, in her words, to "see past her dumb haircut." 
Later, during a break from registration class, Ryan's friend - remembering Laura as the "BBC (British Broadcasting Channel) girl"- introduced her as such. In 2004, Ryan had long flowey hair, piercing blue eyes, a button down, thrifted paisley shirt, and a mouth full of braces. He said to Laura, "So you like BBC? Are you more into, like, BBC news or are you all about the Brit coms?" Although Laura had a high school boyfriend at the time, it only took her and Ryan two weeks of solid college friendship for her to break up with her old beau. One night, after a 12 hour soul baring conversation, Ryan - who had since gotten rid of the braces - pulled Laura close and kissed her. She describes it as, "fireworks, jello, puffy clouds. Peanut butter and jelly. It was everything that movies, poetry, and pop ballads made it out to be: only better because it was him."

Since then, Chicago residents Laura and Ryan have been on so many adventures. In her words, "we make guacamole, drink tallboys, travel to exotic lands like Canada and Indianapolis, make music videos, climb mountains, do fake karate, jump into frozen lakes, all that fun stuff that couples can do together. When Ryan proposed to me, he said he was excited to see all of the things that we could do, because we were together. We've been married for 7 months. And it's been rad."

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